NaturEscape and Lake-Floating – Villa Hulda`s Adventurous Holiday

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This holiday package combines Finnish way of life when staying overnight at Villa Hulda- a private log house in a quiet neighborhood of Heinola town while experience adventures with Lake-floating and NaturEscape activities.

Heinola is situated in Western Lakeland only 1 ½ hour away from Helsinki Airport.

When you arrive to property there will be welcome refreshments waiting for you.  While enjoying delicious local products we will give you a short info about Heinola, local sights, shops and restaurants, so you can easily plan your visit for next days.  In the evening 3- course dinner is served at local restaurant.

In the mornings you can make your own breakfast from local and Finnish products, which are brought to Villa Hulda in advance. Top notch are freshly baked bread and croissants delivered to your door.

Day 2 is filled with adventure! During your day you have a chance to experience the feeling of weightlessness in abandonment suit in lake nearby. After lunch a Day continuous with NaturEscape –  in this escape game your goal is to solve many different tasks as a team. Try to imagine that you have got lost in the forest where is living a dangerous grizzly bear and you need to find your way out before it’s too late! Bear has just woken up from winter sleep and it’s hungry. On the way you might also face some problems… Are you ready for an adventure?

In the evening you can heat up sauna in Villa Hulda and remember all new things you experienced and just Relax!

Package includes:

  • 2 nights accommodation in Log House Villa Hulda( inc. linen, towels and final cleaning)
  • Breakfast x 2 (variety of local and/or Finnish products, guest can prepare their own breakfast, top notch freshly baked bread and croissants delivered in the morning to your door)
  • Welcome coffee with local pie or cinnamon roll and information about Heinola town and its sights/shops and restaurants, tips and recommendations of places to visit.
  • Dinner ( 3 course dinner served at local Restaurant )
  • Lake floating experience  (90 minutes)
  • Lunch at Villa Hulda
  • NaturEscape – experience  ( 90 minutes)

Price: starting from 323Eur/pp. ( for 6 persons)

Available: year round

Reservations: 14 days in advance required

Available for 2-8 persons

Extra charge:

Transportation to/from airport

extra meals, extra accomodation nights


This package is part of Heinola Travel package products.

Heinola Travel is authorized by Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority as a Travel Organiser in register of Package Travel Traders.

Registration Number: 163/18/Mj


Nature Floating will take you to an unique activity, where you can experience the feeling of weightlessness in abandonment suit! While floating you can get a new experience where you can exclude all external stimulus and just relax with your group in a Finnish lake. Alternatively it also works as a communal activity where fun does not have limits. Floating is a year-around activity which is carried out in a beautiful bodies of water of Finland. A new experience is waiting for you!  

As you might guess from the name NaturEscape is an escape game in the nature, in beautiful Finnish forest. The goal is to solve many different problem-solving tasks during the game together as a team. The game includes light physical activities and short transmissions between the tasks. To move ahead in the game you need to use your cleverness and logical understanding but most important is co-operation with your team. You can take part of the game for example with your  friends or co-workers. With bigger groups it’s possible that groups are competing against each other and see who are the fastest ones to escape! Age recommendation 13+. Game can also be adapted to younger kids and disabled people.